Stainless Steel Tanks and Vessels

Stainless Steel tanks and vessels for the micro brewery industry

Micro Breweries – Brewhouse Vessels

Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks, Mash Tuns and Copper vessels, Fermenting vessels, Conditioning and Bright Beer Tanks

Micro Breweries Explained

We have been manufacturing micro’s for over 20 years and gained a vast amount of experience producing over 300 breweries/1500 vessels. We make all the Brewhouse vessels which include Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks, Mash Tuns and Copper vessels.

We also make Fermenting vessels, Conditioning and Bright Beer Tanks all produced in capacities from 1 barrel/160Ltr up to 15 barrel/2400Ltr. These are usually all at set dimensions to fit sheet sizes to keep costs down, but vessels can be changed to fit individual needs.

As our history shows we are keep quite busy with orders from the industry but we can usually supply within 6/8 weeks from receipt of order/deposit. We do not get involved with any installation work or the brewing itself but we produce all the vessels with pipework/fittings to the customer requirements.

The vessels are made in house using western European 304 grade stainless Steel. Our vessels can be supplied without insulation/cladding (to save on costs) or can be insulated/cladded in stainless steel by ourselves. Our vessels are all manufactured and fully welded by our qualified time served workers.

A full price list for all standard tanks and capacities can be given after your enquiry. Brewers wanting to install a micro to their own specification will find our prices very competitive.

  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Full Micro Brewery

  • Includes pipework and fittings

Manufactured by us

Over 1500 vessels fabricated

20 years Micro Brewery experience

6 Barrel Brewhouse

Stainless Steel Clad with Pipework manufactured to the Customer’s Specification.

Hot Liquor Tank, Heater Element BSP Fittings, Conical Base, Stainless Steel Lid, Temperature probe socket, fittings from RJT, Din or Tri-clamp, 400mm access point.

Mash Tun, Side Manway, Perforated base, Conical base, Drain Pipe, Stainless Steel lid

Copper, Whirlpool, Heater Element BSP Fittings, Conical base, Drain Pipe & sample Valve Ports, Stainless Steel Lid

Cladding: 50mm Rockwool Ductwrap Euroclass A1 Aluminium Foiled, Stainless Steel outer sheeting and base. Pipework, RJT fittings, valves, hop filter.

2.5 and 4 Barrel Brewhouses

The 4 barrel brewhouse is the picture with larger vessels. 2 fermenting vessels, rectangular hot liqueur tank, Mash Tun then the Copper. The Copper is ready for insulation with timber.

The other picture is an installation of a double skinned 2.5 Barrel Brewhouse. Left to right: hot liqueur tank, Mash Tun then Copper. The output of this Brewhouse goes to the separate fermenting vessels.

Tank Manufacture

The image slider to the right show the manufacturing sequence of a tank.

  • Stainless steel sheet being welded together
  • Forming a vessel body through a set of pinch rolls
  • A Mash Tun with side manway fitted
  • Final cladding being fitted to a whirlpool copper
  • Loading Finished Fermenting Vessels


Bespoke Vessels

Insulated Whirlpool Copper with stainless steel cladding, manway, hop hatch and full condensing chimney. This was made to specific size requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is pipework included?

Yes if you need it. Most new installations will require pipework.

Is everything manufactured by you?

Just about! Some of the fixtures and fittings we buy in, but fitting brackets and supports we manufacture.

What size do I need ?

One of the main decisions when purchasing a micro brewery system is the capacity. That is down to planning, and the expected market for your intended brew.

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