Need Stainless Sheet Work ?

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Work

Stainless Steel products mainly for the food and drinks industry

Stainless Steel

Cleanliness, food and drink industry

Stainless Steel Explained

Our stainless steel fabrication covers 304 & 316 grade with finishes of 2B or polished to customer specification from 0.8 to 5mm thickness.

Our customers range from micro breweries, bakeries, food suppliers, cleaning, pet food industry & all general stainless steel work. We make bespoke items or manufacture in large quantities at competitive prices.

Stainless steel is resistant to rust, is easy to keep clean, and strong. It is an alloy of Iron and Chromium with Carbon, Silicon and Manganese. The Chromium provides the resistance to rust, and give the shiny effect of stainless steel.

Depending on the manufactured product, installation may be a significant aspect to the job. 

  • Corrosion free
  • Ideal for food and drink industries

  • 304 and 316 grades of steel

  • 0.8mm to 5mm thick
  • Sheet, pipework and solid

Manufactured by us

Large projects undertaken

Experience in many industries

Stainless Vessel Manufacture

These pictures show the rolling of the stainless steel sheet for fabrication of the fermenting vessel cylinder, then the MIG welding of a cooling jacket to a 4 barrel fermenting vessel, destined for the micro-brewery industry.

The vessel, cooling jacket and stand are all manufactured in house.

Stainless Steel Framework

This example shows a stainless steel framework for supporting a number of print screens.

All components manufactured in house, and the frames delivered to the customer.

Net Loading Tubes

Pictured  is a sample of net loading tubes for the meat industry manufactured in 316 stainless steel. This was a batch job, with a number of the same item manufactured.

Stainless Steel Pipework

Stainless steel pipework with various fitting and filters designed, purged, welded then polished.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stainless Steel?

An alloy of Iron and at least 10.5% Chromium, with Carbon, Silicon and Manganese

Is everything manufactured by you?

Just about! Some of the fixtures and fittings we buy in such as pumps, but fitting brackets and supports we manufacture.

Are you sure it will fit ?

Before we manufacture parts we ensure that they are designed to fit in place. We do need to know the spacial location of vessels to manufacture appropriate pipework.

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