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Aluminium Fabrication

Steel canopies and ducting for industrial and commercial extraction systems

Aluminium Components

Lightweight, specialist applications

Aluminium Fabrication Explained

We have over 50 years experience welding and fabricating aluminium to our customers requirements. Our capacity is up to 3M x 6mm thick for forming and shearing using both TIG and Senergic MIG welding processes. We can also weld and fabricate various sections as required by our customers.

We manufacture components and full products for a number of industry sectors including the weaving industry, aluminium extraction canopies, sheet metal components. Production runs of identical components can be challenging to get right, we have an excellent track record with this type of work.

Installation is a significant aspect of our aluminium work, some of the pieces are large and require additional fittings to be manufactured.

  • Aluminium upto 6mm
  • Expert aluminium welding

  • Strong, light, durable
  • Manufactured fittings

  • Precision and Quality

Manufactured by us

Large projects undertaken

Experience in many industries

Aluminium Spire

Exceptional and rather different, this is a Church Spire fabricated in aluminium and TIG welded in our workshop.

The piece was finished with powder coating, a robust coating to extend the good looks for years to come.

Hinged Aluminium Lid

A double hinged lid of dimensions 7m x 2m fabricated and welded with Senergic MIG manufactured in house.

This was fitted on site to the unit it was designed for.

Weft Carriage Components

Aluminium weft carriages laser cut, formed and TIG welded.

This was a job for the weaving industry where we supplied a batch of identical items.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aluminium ?

Light, strong, corrosion resistant 

Is everything manufactured by you?

Just about! Some of the fixtures and fittings we buy in, but fitting brackets and supports we manufacture.

Is Aluminium harder to manufacture ?

Cutting and forming, it can be easier than steel. Welding aluminium is a real skill to achieve good results, we have the experience.

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