Assessment and Quotation

On site assessment, or agreement with drawings for non-fitted products

Accurate Solutions

For functional, safety, legal, aesthetic requirements

Assessment Explained

Our service will begin with a site visit if required by an experienced engineer.

We are prepared to discuss your ideas to meet your requirements, and from that assess what needs to be done.

It is important that we have all relevant information, not only measurements but anything on site that might dictate design and fabrication.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the requested product when fitted meets with legal requirements for your site.

A free quotation will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

This image to the right shows ducting fitted to machines. Accurate measurements, route and length of the ducting, diameter to assure required flow, additional fittings were all taken into account, then costs associated with fitting.

  • On site assessment
  • Aesthetic and functional requirements
  • Agree product design

  • Fixing points

  • Permissions

Manufactured by us

Large projects undertaken

Experience in many industries


Frequently Asked Questions

Will costs change ?

Maybe if you change the product or fitting requirement.

Is everything manufactured by you?

Just about! Some of the fixtures and fittings we buy in, but fitting brackets and supports we manufacture.

Are you sure it will fit ?

Before we manufacture parts we ensure that they are designed to fit in place, hence the need for a site assessment.

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