Need Solid Fabrication ?

Welding and Fabrication

Fabrication using solid metal: beams, columns, box sections

Solid Structures

Where strength and support is required

Welding and Fabrication Explained

With our welding and fabrication we work closely with all our customers at every step to ensure their satisfaction.

We visit sites to design, measure and install with all the fabrications made in our workshop. This is especially important with some of the larger projects where the component might be an integral structure to a building,

The materials used includes Mild Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium, in box section, beams, columns, channels & diameters. Welding will depend on the materials using MIG & TIG.

Our fabrications include, Fire Escapes, Staircases, Platforms, Walkways, Machine Guards, Frameworks and general fabrications manufactured by our skilled personel.

Various finishes are used, again depending on the material and sections: Galvanised, Powder Coated, primed or just raw material.

  • Steel, Aluminium, Stainless
  • Box sections, columns, beams
  • Various finishes
  • Platforms, steps, walkways
  • Handrails, Balustrades
  • Tables, Fameworks
  • Window guards, Machine guards
  • Specialised fabrication to specific designs


Manufactured by us

Large projects undertaken

Experience in many industries

Roller Shipping Crate

These roller protection shipping crates are designed to replace wooden crates. They are used to ship expensive rollers in a secure manner, reducing the risk of damage.

The crates are manufactured in steel, with a frame and catches inside to secure the roller at each end.

Roller Frame

Similar to the shipping crates, this is an adjustable frame to hold the same rollers. Manufactured from steel section, it is adjustable.

This item was fully manufactured in house.

Fire Escape

This example is a galvanised fire escape, designed, manufactured and installed.

The measuring and design was done by ourselves to ensure a correct fit, and alignment to the building.

Powder Coated Machine Guards

Machine guards are important safety elements for industrial machinery, protecting the workforce from moving parts. We have manufactured many of these over the years or many local manufacturing companies in the fabric and shoe trade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use our design?

The basis of any manufactured item will be the requirement you present to us. That may be a detailed design, or a request for us to come and measure for what needs to be made to fit. 

Is everything manufactured by you?

Just about! Some of the fixtures and fittings we buy in, but fitting brackets and supports we manufacture.

Are you sure it will fit ?

Before we manufacture parts we ensure that they are designed to fit in place.

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